How it all began
If truth to be told
Had a master plan
Now I rule the world

Took them by surprise
Worked my way up hill
They looked into my eyes
I became invincible

So don't mess with me
I'll shoot you down

❤ ❤ ❤

"Why do you like Adachi?" Threads

[FST] Persona 4 Does Disney || A Disney Themed FST

Souji Seta

I. He’s A Tramp by Peggy Lee [Lady and the Tramp]

he’s a tramp
but they love him
breaks a new heart
every day

Yosuke Hanamura

II. Go the Distance by Roger Bart [Hercules]

i have often dreamed
of a far off place
where a great warm welcome
will be waiting for me

Chie Satonaka

III. A Girl Worth Fighting For by Various [Mulan]

that’s what i said: a girl worth fighting for!
i want her paler than the moon
with eyes that shine like stars

Yukiko Amagi

IV. Once Upon A Dream by Linda Eder [Sleeping Beauty]

i know you
i walked with you
once upon a dream

Kanji Tatsumi

V. I’ve Got A Dream by Various [Tangled]

i’m malicious, mean and scary
my sneer could curdle dairy
and violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest
but despite my evil look
and my temper, and my hook
i’ve always yearned to be a concert pianist

Rise Kujikawa

VI. A Star Is Born by Various [Hercules]

gotta shout it from a mountain tops
a star is born
it’s a time for pulling out the stops
a star is born

Naoto Shirogane

VII. Reflection by Christina Aguilera [Mulan]

now i see
if i wear a mask
i can fool the world
but i can not fool
my heart


VIII. I Wanna Be Like You by Louis Prima [The Jungle Book]

i wanna be a man
man cub
and stroll right into town
and be just like the other men
i’m tired of monkeyin’ around

Nanako Dojima

IX. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by Ilene Woods [Cinderella]

a dream is a wish your heart makes
when you’re fast asleep
in dreams you will lose your heartaches

Dojima Family

X. You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Colins [Tarzan]

i will protect you
from all around you
i will be here
don’t you cry
for one so small
you seem so strong

Tohru Adachi

XI. Friends On The Other Side by Keith David [The Princess and the Frog]

don’t you disrespect me, little man!
don’t you derogate or deride!
you’re in my world now, not your world
and i got friends on the other side


XII. Poor Unfortunate Souls by Pat Carroll [The Little Mermaid]

i admit that in the past i’ve been a nasty
they weren’t kidding when they called me
well a witch
but you’ll find that nowadays
i’ve mended all my ways

Igor & Margaret

XIII. Never Had A Friend Like Me by Robin Williams [Aladdin]

but master you in luck
'cause up your sleeves
you got a brand of magic
that never fails

Social Links

XIV. You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett [Toy Story]

you’ve got a friend in me
you’ve got a friend in me
when the road looks rough ahead
and you’re miles and miles
from you nice warm bed

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